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6 Critical Social Security Facts

| February 19, 2016
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As a wealth management firm, we pride ourselves on offering you current and relevant information to guide you through your financial questions and decisions.  We are the home of the IRA Enhancer®, a tactical approach to managing IRAs, and encourage learning about comprehensive retirement planning at every stage in life.  Rollover 401ks, pensions, IRA (traditional and Roth), and Social Security are all part of what helps fund retirement.  Retirement can be a time to celebrate and to enjoy family and friends, instead of a time to worry about making ends meet. 

Social Security has been around for a long time now, and depending on your age group, you may be worrying whether it's here to stay by the time you take your benefits.  Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question for you but what we can do is look back at history and explain the current situation. Ultimately, Social Security is intended as just one piece of the entire retirement planning pie. 

We've put together a whitepaper, "6 Critical Social Security Facts," to help you understand the set-up of Social Security and the new claiming rules put into place after November 2015's bipartisan budget deal.  Regardless of whether retirement is in 3 years or 30 years, this whitepaper can educate you on the important details of Social Security.  There are several key age groups that are affected by the new claiming rules which may affect either you, your parents, or your coworkers. 


If you have questions about what you read, we encourage you to reach out to [email protected] and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

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