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Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

| November 12, 2014
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Becoming a successful business owner requires certain attributes alongside the ability to prioritize and make smart planning decision. When trying to identify the qualities that make successful entrepreneurs, some of the most powerful and common characteristics are as follows.

(1) Confidence

          Many successful small business owners have a quiet confidence that does not border on arrogance. Confidence is a powerful tool that facilitates trust and often leads to increased success. This does not mean that you cannot have a moment of doubt, however, doubt should not cloud what you are trying to do.

(2) Motivation and Drive

          Starting a new business has its challenges, therefore, it is important that aspiring business owners be motivated to work toward the realization of their vision. Motivation cannot come from other people, it must be something that each person holds themselves accountable for. Determination and competitive drive are imperative what it comes to running a business. 

(3) Open-Mindedness (but also Focus)

          It is important to consider different perspectives and alternative ideas when beginning a new business. Being open to trying new processes is a great approach to take if trying to reach a higher level of success. While being open to new approaches can be beneficial, it is also important to be able to block out distractions and focus on the immediate issue or task as well as the bigger picture. 

(4) Resilience and Tenacity

          The best business owners are those that have the ability to bounce back after an unexpected setback. Successful entrepreneurs do not quit when faced with adversity. It is important to evaluate your ability to triumph over adversity when staring at hardship. 

(5) Humility

          The most successful business owners are able to ask for help when they need it, give credit where credit is due, and admit when they are wrong. The capability to be able to view your own abilities objectively and know when to listen to others will steer you to become a successful entrepreneur.  

It would be beneficial for aspiring business owners to review these characteristics to determine if they should modify their thinking before taking on their own entrepreneurial goals. 

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