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IRA Enhancer: August 2016 Monthly Update

| August 24, 2016
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We publish monthly updates on the IRA Enhancer® strategy.  Lately we've focused on each of the tactical managers that can be employed within this model.  This month, we're providing an interesting piece written by Athena titled "Exceptional Performance is Turbulent.”

Athena Global Tactical ETFs is one of the possible managers that the IRA Enhancer can use. According to Athena's fact sheet, the portfolio utilizes patented behavioral market indicators to gauge and select broad market-exposure ETFs among various equity markets, market capitalization, or cash each month.

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August 2016- IRA Enhancer

If you have questions about what you read, please get in touch with us to schedule time to meet and discuss what the IRA Enhancer could add to your portfolio.  

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