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IRA Enhancer: December 2015 Monthly Update

| December 09, 2015
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We publish monthly updates on the IRA Enhancer® strategy to give you a better idea of what the common denominator was for the previous month, so you can learn what the different tactical money managers saw happening in the market and how they responded. These monthly updates, written by Jason Steele, inform you on what is happening in the market and what kind of sector calls occurred over the past month.

Here's a sneak peek from this month's update: 

"Futures forecast a 76% probability of an interest rate increase in the next Fed policy meeting in December, after Janet Yellen's speech last week.  More exact numbers on the jobs report added confidence in the US economy..."

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December 2015 - IRA Enhancer

Regardless if you are just starting to invest in your 20s or 30s, or if you are nearing retirement, this tactical strategy is worth learning more about. If you have questions about what you read, please get in touch with us to schedule time to meet and discuss what the IRA Enhancer could add to your portfolio.  

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