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Living Longer, Living Better

| April 20, 2016
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Longer life spans, fewer young workers, reversal from defined benefit programs, and persistently low interest rates have significant implications for retirement investing. Global demographic shifts, medical advancements, and technological enhancements not only change what retirement may look like in the future, they also create unique investing opportunities.

A recently released whitepaper titled Living Longer, Living Better discusses the ramifications of people living longer and having fewer workers per retiree.  In addition, the research looks into how people live better quality lives and have more time for an active life in retirement, in relation to investing.

The report examines why some researchers believe it's time to rethink traditional retirement investing. It also outlines opportunities the strategists see with changing demographics and increasing longevity, including what strategies and sectors stand to benefit. We’re going to look into some of these topics on our blog here over the next few weeks, but the report contains all of this information in greater detail. 

We’re a firm that is founded on financial investing for life and legacy, so we believe that research like what is described in this whitepaper is especially relevant.  Goals based financial planning requires taking certain assumptions into consideration- like longer life spans, etc. 

Over the next few weeks, this blog series will discuss the following topics:

  • Planning ideas in regards to living longer
  • Preparing to fund retirement
  • Investing in retirement
  • Advice for wealthy investors
  • Opportunities in today's environment

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