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6 Retirement Questions Government Employees Should Ask

6 Retirement Questions Government Employees Should Ask

October 01, 2018

As a wealth management firm, we pride ourselves on offering you current and relevant information to guide you through your financial questions. If you or someone you know is a government employee, then that necessitates a slightly different approach to retirement planning.  Government workers face complex retirement benefits that can seem elusive or difficult to navigate without the correct resources.  We encourage you to look at your retirement plans from your employer so you can know what you are eligible for, and what information in your plan you would like to be clarified. 

This updated whitepaper discusses some of the retirement plan options most common for government employees, and provides various questions for you to ask yourself or to work through with a financial professional. Please take the time to read through this whitepaper for yourself, or consider sharing this with family members, friends, or coworkers who could also benefit from reading about this topic.

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