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On Wealth - Fall 2018 Newsletter

On Wealth - Fall 2018 Newsletter

September 25, 2018

“Together for Significance” is the tagline of our company and our motivation for the ways we try to serve our clients and greater community. With that in mind, our seasonal newsletters are intended as a fun, educational, and motivational resource for you.

Looking towards 2019 - how do you plan to prepare financially for the New Year? This newsletter takes a look at average American household income and expenses, and the importance of making budgets and sticking to them. It also gives insight into the "sandwich generation" - referring to those who are “sandwiched” between providing care for an older generation and a younger one.

The months leading up to the new year provide the ideal opportunity to either develop a financial plan or improve an existing one. Start making plans now to set yourself up for success and give you peace of mind in 2019. You can download this newsletter below: 

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We hope you enjoy reading this and find it useful.  We would love to discuss these topics and more with you.

You can email or call our office at 919-783-8500.