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What Does Year-End Giving Mean to You?

| December 14, 2015
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Giving: a word heard quite often toward the end of each calendar year.  The yearly #GivingTuesday joined the trend of Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday ordering.  Email inboxes and mailboxes are filled with requests for your money, among all of the holiday cards vying for a spot on your refrigerator.  Giving can become more than an obligation, annoyance, or a way to save some money on your taxes this season.  Giving your life, your stories, your money, your time, and your heart can be transformative; those experiences often are a common thread between each of our lives.

Depending on your background, your most precious commodity might differ from one person to the next.  To some, time is the most valuable thing to give away. To others, it may be money given now or through a legacy fund.  Often, our money flows to the places where we spend time, and illustrates what is most important to us.  Giving our time to a nonprofit or persons in need teaches us, transforms us, and provides life lessons and stories to remember in the future.  As a comprehensive wealth management firm, charitable giving is important to our philosophy on money and in each of our employees’ personal lives.

With the end of 2015 quickly approaching, we would like to remind you that gifts of cash or securities for any charitable gift need to be completed before December 31, 2015, in order to be recognized as deductions for the year. 

In order to prevent the possibility of a gift not having sufficient time to process before the end of the year, we are asking to have our clients’ requests for gifts received on or before December 21, 2015.  If we receive requests last minute, there is a chance that the gift will not be processed before the end of 2015.  If you need assistance considering your approach to giving, please reach out and we can discuss options for your personal situation.

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