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Helping Children Build Sound Financial Skills

"For some children, money skills seem to come naturally. But it doesn’t happen often. In fact, the JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy found that only a fraction of 12th graders could satisfactorily answer questions about personal finance. To raise financially literate children, there’s normally no substitute for good, old-fashioned parenting and hands-on teaching.

Whether your family has already begun the process of instilling sound money management or you’re searching for ways to begin, you may find the following tips, suggestions and concepts helpful."

Our firm believes in "Financial Investing for Life and Legacy," and part of that philosophy includes helping our clients have discussions with their kids about responsible financial habits. You've worked hard on your financial plan, so why hold off on having those important conversations with your children? We'd be happy to help you explore some of the ideas discussed in this whitepaper, available below: