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Our Commitment

We will always:

  • Explain all the risks of each investment, because every investment has a risk.  
  • Explain the benefits of each investment, because there is a reason we have goals.  
  • Explain the costs and expenses of everything we do – unseen or upfront. We want you to know, understand and agree to the costs and how we are paid. 
  • Explain our processes in lay terminology to the best of our ability. If you do not understand something, please stop us and ask for a more thorough explanation.  
  • Be honest with you, whether what we have to share is positive or negative.  
  • Provide quarterly reviews, or at a minimum, semiannual comprehensive reviews. 
  • Be here to answer any questions you may have around your financial plan, 
  • Listen to you about your unique situation and provide educated feedback.  
  • Present opportunities to try to better your "whole plan," whether or not it is investment related.

We will always hold you accountable to your goals and to live a "fulFILLed" life through our Investment "FILL"osophy - Financial Investing for Life and Legacy.