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Our Philosophy

FILL or Financial Investing for Life and Legacy is meant to FILL your lives with more than just money.

The overall goal of our "FILL"osophy is to craft a plan that provides stability, enabling you to feel confident about your financial plan even in challenging markets.

Our process involves looking at your resources for the long term (where Appreciation is key), the mid term (where the focus is Balance), and the near term (where the goal is Conservation).

We put both your goals and assets into each of these categories, or "allocations," and then select the appropriate investment vehicles to accomplish your plan. We will look at your current allocation in light of these three needs (Appreciation, Balance and Conservation) and make recommendations regarding how to maximize your investment in each area in order to achieve your goals.

We will set benchmarks against your own goals, not against the market.

We are an independent firm with professionals working with you to understand your unique values, goals and objectives in order to create a plan that works for you both today and tomorrow. Through Prospera Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, we have access to all of their products, services and research. We believe part of your consideration of us includes knowing this strong, reputable firm stands behind us as we stand behind our clients.

Our "FILL"osophy makes a difference.