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Products and Services

If you are a young professional just starting out in your career, a family-focused individual trying to save for a child’s education, or someone planning for or nearing retirement, we have a solution for every financial milestone you are facing.

Focus Directive Portfolios

Because your lifestyle and needs are unique, Focus Directive Portfolios encompass a wide range of investment strategies. From capital protection with a conservation account to asset growth, your WBWP advisor will help determine which model is right for you based on your financial roadmap or ledger.

Individuals and Families

Financial planning and investing for individuals and families is a complex and multi-layered process. We can help with guidance and resources to help prioritize your competing goals, understand and manage risk, mitigate taxes, focus on insurance needs, plan for the ‘what ifs’ and more.

Estate Planning

Planning for the unexpected (such as deciding who will manage your finances if you cannot) as well as preparing for the expected (including how your assets will be distributed with you pass) are critical pieces to every financial strategy and should not be put off. Members of our estate planning group are here to talk about the strategies you can use to ensure your assets are handled the way that you want.

Retirement Planning

Saving enough money to generate retirement income that may need to last for 30 years or more is a daunting, yet do-able goal with the right strategy. We can help. Plus, once you reach retirement, we created a distribution plan that helps you decide how and when to tap your tax-deferred balances. We’ll also discuss how to handle funds in employer-sponsored plans.

Business Succession

If you're a business owner considering an exit from a privately-held business, you probably have a lot of questions. We can help you learn everything you need to know to have a successful departure or transition. Whether you plan to make the change this year, or in ten years, the importance of protecting your wealth is our main concern. For more information, read "The Business of Selling your Business."

Capital Gains

Tax Deferment Section 1031 of the internal revenue code provides an effective strategy for deferring the capital gains tax that may arise for your business/investment property sale. By exchanging the property for like-kind real estate, property owners may defer their tax and use all of the proceeds for the purchase of replacement property. Like-kind real estate includes business/investment property, but not the property owner’s primary residence. Section 1031 does not apply to the exchange of stocks or bonds.

We have experience in using a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). A DST is a separate legal entity created as a trust under Delaware statutory law. The use of a DST helps defer management, taxes and is a syndicated program under the law. For more information on the DST and Section 1031, give us a call at 919-783-8500.