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Focus Directive Portfolios

One Account. Endless Possibilities. Are you Ready?

Because your lifestyle and needs are unique, the Focus Directive Portfolios encompass a wide range of investment strategies. From capital protection with a conservation account to asset growth, your WBWP advisor will help determine which model is right for you based on your financial roadmap or ledger. Seeking income in future retirement years? We have a portfolio for that, too. Together, we’ll help you build a portfolio within our “FILL”osophy with carefully selected managers designed to help you accomplish your financial and life goals. 


The WB IRA is a Weston Banks proprietary model pulling some of the best ideas from other tactical approaches in the marketplace. Designed for smaller accounts, the WB IRA breaks modern portfolio theory by tilting toward a common theme occurring in the world markets. It will raise cash on volatility sell signals in order to protect from large unwanted drawdowns. The strategy is suited for investors whose sole objective of their IRA is long term capital appreciation.

The WB Long Term Growth Portfolio

This strategy is suited for investors whose primary objective is capital appreciation with a moderate to higher level of volatility. This strategy invests in a combination of equity managers that have the ability to invest in sectors or securities that are very different than the S&P 500, which may lead to increased volatility. Investors most suitable for this model would be looking for a total return strategy and not a relative return strategy as compared to a benchmark. Investors who are considering investing in this model should generally have a long-term horizon and moderate to higher tolerance for volatility.

The WB Balanced Portfolio

This strategy is suited for investors whose objectives are balanced between modest capital appreciation and current income generation with consideration given to the moderation of volatility. The portfolio has a slight overweight to diversified equity investments with the remainder of the portfolio invested in fixed income securities. With an average yield of 4.5% investors who are considering owning this model should have an intermediate time horizon and a moderate tolerance for risk of loss.

The WB Conservation Portfolio

Focusing on preservation of capital with relatively low volatility, this portfolio model is intended as a low-risk investment offering a slight hedge against inflation. Due to the low volatility and high liquidity sought in this portfolio, investors with a time horizon of two to three years may be strong candidates.

Specialty Strategies

Senior Retirement Focus Directive Portfolio- Later in retirement, investors may become less comfortable with portfolio volatility and seek a more conservative investment portfolio. A greater amount of fixed income assets makes this possible.

Alternative Directive Portfolio- Tired of the access to information and market volatility? This portfolio is built on alternative investments not correlated to the stock and bond markets. Designed for growth and income, this portfolio is suited to investors that don’t like fluctuating values on their statements or online accounts.